Updated Product Reviews, Search Console, MUM, BERT, UI and more

Welcome to April, the real April, not April 1st, and with that, I have Google’s Monthly Webmaster Report for you all. It’s a big one, so make yourself comfortable and start reading. We’ve started rolling out the Product Reviews update, we’ve had the Page Experience update for the Desktop Finish rollout, and several unconfirmed updates. This includes a spring update and two other unconfirmed web search updates, as well as a local search update that may have rolled back the December local search update.

Google expanded its use of MUM and BERT AI in search and announced it reduced irrelevant results by more than 50% and made more than 5,000 changes to search last year with 800,000 experiences – and you know. ask why I have so much to write. Google Maps blocked 100 million frauds and abusive edits and more.

Google released a new highly cited and later return to connect to Google search. Google has a much more visual design for some mobile queries, and refining and expanding that search is fully rolled out. Google also released the Trusted Store badge for merchants who score high with the Shopping Experience Dashboard.

Google Search Console will kill the killer URL parameter tool this month. But in big news, Google Analytics 4 will replace Universal Analytics 3 next year.

It was a wild and wild month and that was just a brief summary of the organic changes in Google search. Here are some of the most important stories I think you should revisit, in case you missed one:

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