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SHERIDAN, Wyo., Feb. 15, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Project NOOFT is a one-stop platform for the NFT marketplace, with a unique AI-based ecosystem designed to filter and index millions of NFTs from marketplaces around the world. web so that NFT enthusiasts can get everything they need about the NFT world in no time. In an NFT world with various marketplaces and NFTs created on different blockchains that make it difficult for the end user (creators and owners) to browse them all, NFT enthusiasts now have access to the entire NFT world through a single platform: NOOFT.

NOOFT project – NFTs integrated ecosystems

The NOOFT project aims to integrate NFT marketplaces, by creating:

* NOOFT Search Engine: Integrating markets around the world, NOOFT is the one-stop platform to search and discover NFTs so users can find what they are looking for easier and faster. Additionally, the ads will help NFT creators and marketplaces promote their assets.

* NOOFT for Creators: Since there is no evolution without constant learning, NOOFT offers a comprehensive NFT Academy designed for both NFT beginners and experts.

* NOOFT terminal: where NFT experts will have access to a high-level analysis platform where they can dive deeper into the NFT world.

NOOFT token

The partnership between the Nooft project and the NOOFT token will allow users to access special discounts for services on the NOOFT platform. As a loyalty utility token, the NOOFT token will allow holders to explore and enjoy all the benefits of the features of the NOOFT project.

NOOFT search engine – next stop

When creating or buying an NFT, the user is faced with the challenge of multiple markets and systems that require time and energy to get used to, in order to obtain all the necessary information. This is where the NOOFT platform comes in with its NFT search engine that will help users navigate the NFT world faster and easier. Therefore, the next step of the NOOFT project will be the MVP version of the NFT search engine, starting in the second quarter of 2022.

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