More information about Search Console added to Google Data Studio

Additional Search Console data is now available through the Google Data Studio connector, allowing users to view traffic from more Google sources.

This update is announced by Google Search Advocate Daniel Waisberg in his second in a series of blog posts related to Data Studio and Search Console.

In case you missed it, his first post focuses on the benefits of connecting Search Console to Data Studio in the first place.

In his second article, published today, Waisberg announces the addition of more data:

“…we have great news for Data Studio users: Starting today, the Search Console connector includes data for Discover traffic and Google News, similar to the data recently added to the API.”

This means you can now import more than search data into Google Data Studio.

Along with this update, Waisberg is sharing a dashboard template that you can use in Data Studio to switch between different Search Console properties, data types, devices, and more.

Google Data Studio Search Traffic Monitoring Dashboard

Google has created and shared a model to use in Data Studio to monitor Google search performance.

A dashboard can help you find problems as they arise with simple visualizations such as line or bar charts that are quick to interpret.

If a problem is discovered, you can dig deeper to find the cause.

Start by following these steps:

  • Connect to Data Studio
  • Create a Search Console data source
  • Choose URL Impressions Table

Choose the URL Impressions table provides data access for web, images, videos, news, and discovery at the URL level.

As shown in the example below, you can configure the model to monitor search data by choosing “Web” under the Property Parameter section.

Screenshot from:, March 2022.

The parameter you choose will be the default in your report, but you will have access to the others via a filter.

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What can I do with a Google Data Studio dashboard?

Now that your dashboard is set up, here’s what you can do with it.

  1. Specify the data you want to monitor by selecting the desired Search Console property.
  2. Choose the date range you want to analyze
  3. Select filters such as country, device and search type
More information about Search Console added to Google Data StudioScreenshot from:, March 2022.

With those selected, Data Studio will display a line chart like the one shown below.

Google says line charts are the most effective visualizations for showing how metrics change over time.

The graph below visualizes clicks and CTR.

More information about Search Console added to Google Data StudioScreenshot from:, March 2022.

Another way to analyze data in Google Data Studio is to use tables.

With a table, you can crawl particular sections of a website or individual URLs.

See the example below of a chart showing clicks and CTR for singular pages:

More information about Search Console added to Google Data StudioScreenshot from:, March 2022.

You can create a table in Data Studio like the one above using the following filters:

  • Use the page filter to include only specific sections of your website.
  • Use the country filter to check the performance of different pages in the countries you are interested in.
  • Use the type filter to analyze performance at the URL level for each of the data types.

Source: Google Search Center

Feature image: Novikov Aleksey/Shutterstock