James Gibbons on smart search marketing tools that help you make decisions

James Gibbons, Senior Customer Success Manager at Four, stopped by my office to vlog with me. We talked about Jame’s history in the space, first working in a lawyer directory, then moving to agencies like Acronym and Publicis Sapient, then entering the software space in 2016. James is super passionate by creating useful tools to help guide search marketing decisions. I just want to be clear, these vlogs are NOT paid or sponsored and are not advertisements.

We’ve talked a lot about how these reporting tools go beyond reporting and morph into a decision engine to give you actionable next steps you can take. I sort of joked that SEOs will soon be out of a job because machines can make all the decisions and even implement them. But James said no, we are not there yet, your SEO works are safe, humans have yet to make the final decision. We talked about that early on and how those decisions can be made.

The algorithms, machine learning, and AI will continue to improve as more data is fed into the models.

We then talked a bit more about its history in the search marketing job space. He worked with Mike Grehan, who just announced his retirement from Acronym. Next, we went over some of the other places he worked on and how he got into Quattr.

In part two, we talked about what has changed in search marketing, more about SEO tools and other sources of search traffic.

You can read more about James Gibbons at LinkedIn Where @jamesfgibbons.

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