Google Search Console will stop collecting data after inactivity

We know that Google will stop collecting data in Google Search Console when a site is unverified or removes its verification. But did you know that if you don’t use Search Console, verify it, but never go to check the reports, Google may stop collecting data for that Search Console profile?

Google’s John Mueller said it on Twitter, he said “when Google sees that the data is not useful (nobody is using it), then we stop collecting after a while. I don’t think there is a specific time on this .” He said “no one uses it”. Later, he explained “If it’s checked out and not used at all for a very long time, it seems safe to me to take a break too.” He said in his opinion, “it’s better to put the treatment ‘budget’ into things that are known to be helpful.”

Thus, Google will allocate its Search Console processing resources to those who actually use Google Search Console and not to those who do not. So be sure to log in and click on some reports every month or so to be safe?

Here are those tweets:

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