Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool errors continue

Yesterday, Google confirmed that some people trying to use the URL Inspection tool through the console or even the API may encounter errors. Google said it was working on a fix, but almost a day later some are still having issues and Google has yet to confirm it’s fixed.

Google wrote about Twitter “We are experiencing an issue with the URL Inspection tool, both in Search Console and the API, so you may see an increase in errors when inspecting URLs. We are working to resolve this issue and will let you know when we have more information.”

I wonder if some bad actors are abusing the new URL Inspection Tool API or if Google has underestimated its use – or maybe it’s unrelated?

Anyway, a few hours ago there were more complaints in the Google Webmaster help forums about this, with one webmaster saying “something went wrong in URL inspection “, and he shared this photo:

click for actual size

So remember that Google is aware of the problem and is working on it. There is no ETA for a fix, but to be honest, I keep trying the URL Inspection tool myself and it works fine for me. But it is clear that some people still have mistakes.

And no, it does not cause indexing problems:

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