Google Search Console notice for intrusive interstitials

Google sends notices of intrusive interstitials to sites that place these interstitials in a potentially intrusive way on their sites. The subject lines of the email say “Improve your page experience by removing intrusive interstitials from domaingoeshere”.

I haven’t seen a screenshot of this review yet, so it’s hard to tell if this is a manual action or just some sort of friendly reminder from Google? I mean, I don’t see any intrusive interstitial in the list of manual actions yet. We know there is algorithmic action with updating the page experience (even for desktop pages), but Google does not email through Google Search Console for algorithmic issues , they email for manual actions, not algorithms…

I spotted a thread on Google Webmaster Help with someone writing the received message:

I received the email with the title “Improve your page experience by removing intrusive interstitials from”. I have a pop-up signup form, and I’m wondering if there’s the best way to keep the signup form visible to our audience, without making it an intrusive interstitial. If you have an idea, I’d love to hear it! Thank you.

Additionally, David Iwanow shared on Twitter that he spotted one last week as well:

Google has a detailed help document on this topic explaining that “interstitials and intrusive dialogs are page elements that obstruct users’ view of content, usually for promotional purposes. Interstitials are overlays across the entire page and dialogues are overlays on only part of the page, sometimes obscuring underlying content as well.”

Google added “Intrusive dialogs and interstitials prevent Google and other search engines from understanding your content, which can lead to poor search performance. Similarly, if users find your site difficult to navigate, it’s unlikely that they want to visit those websites again, including through search engines.”

So maybe it’s not a manual action but a warning from Google, hey – we’re having trouble understanding your content?

Has anyone recently seen a screenshot of this review so we can validate this theory?

Here is a screenshot:

Discussion forum on Twitter and Google Webmaster Help.