Google Search Console Links Report shows links for new sites in 7-10 days

Google Search Console can fetch external links to new websites (if there are links pointing to them) within 7-10 days, according to Google’s John Mueller. Guess what, I checked it out and Google Search Console confirmed I spotted the first link on day 10 for my new site.

I asked John Mueller from Google about this in a hangout a few weeks ago and he said “it takes longer I would say a week, 1 and 1/2 weeks” for the tool to display the new link. He said it was “not a matter of months” and “not a matter of hours like with the performance report,” but more likely a week or so. And he’s right.

I tested it on my new site, which I linked to in the March 23 Search Engine Land newsletter – I’m surprised Google picked it up because it’s not easy to find on the web (I assumes that Google finds things on the web). And this appeared in the GSC Linkage Report on April 2, about 10 days later.

I also linked it on March 29 here, but that link hasn’t appeared yet. I’ll let you know when that link appears in Google Search Console, so check that story out later this week.

John explained this at 9:19 where I asked how long Google Search Console takes to find new links. John said most of the reports in GSC are “recalculated every three to four days” and there is the factor where Google finds the link when crawling. So it estimated about a week or two.

Here is what he said:

I should ask the team. From what I understand, many Search Console reports are recalculated every three to four days. So in terms of about a week, you should probably see data there. The tricky part, I guess, with the link report is that we show a sample of the links to your site. So that doesn’t mean that we would immediately populate that link we found to your site. So that’s something I don’t know. I’m a bit curious how long it takes to get it back.

But it’s not a matter of months. And then, it’s not a matter of hours like with the performance report. It’s more along the line, I’d say a week, 1 and 1/2 weeks, something like that should be a reasonable timeframe.

Here is the embedded video:

And if you’re wondering what my new site is, it’s called Lucid Insider – it’s not about SEO, it’s about the new Lucid Air EV car.

Here is a screenshot of the link appearing April 2 in GSC – note that the link is not to an actual story on Search Engine Land, it was just noted in one of my newsletter introductions on Benefits of starting a new site from scratch and relearning some basics:

click for actual size

YouTube community discussion forum.

Update: April 8, I see a lot more link data in the Google Search Console Links report:

click for actual size