Google Search Console checks the fix without fixing anything

Have you ever received an email from Google Search Console asking you to take action to fix an issue and then click the “verify fix” button? Well, have you ever clicked that you fixed the problem, without actually implementing any fixes or changes?

I’m sure many of you have done this and sometimes it works. Sometimes by saying you fixed something, Google will recheck the issue and let it go.

When will this happen? Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter said that when the first “particular analysis by Google did not obtain stable results”. So if Google runs it again, maybe the results are now stable and Google sees what it wants to see this time.

Here’s the tweet with the verification fix confirmed as fixed when this SEO said they didn’t make any fixes:

Here is John’s response:

I don’t recommend that you just click that the problem is fixed unless you really think the problem isn’t a problem and Google should double-check.

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